Spirit Of Asia : Mrauk-U, The Last Capital of Arakan Kingdom

Spirit Of Asia : Mrauk-U, The Last Capital of Arakan Kingdom, One of the Richest Archaeological Sites in Asia.

Spirit of Asia will take you turn the pages of history . The former capital of the Kingdom of Rakhine/ Rakhaing/ Arakan Kingdom .

Start with the primary cereal empire city Dhanyawaddy. The origin of the source for Mahamuni Buddha Image . Buddhist sculpture as a precious gem of Southeast Asia .

Then other city is Vaishali period. Another Kingdom Territorial Rakhine And culminating with the Mrauk U . City of Through the ancient world to remember.

Mrauk U (Mruak U) , the former capital of the ancient kingdom of Rakhine . Built in the early 1973 to the fall of Burma in the year 2378 for more than 354 years in this glorious civilization in the past.

• The City of Takoma Mrauk U . Also filled with more than 140 ancient temples such as Wat Phaya all candles Khan City Vuitton Paya ( temple eighty ) measured at Dawes Rd. ( Temple of the Tooth Relic ) Temple ninety (GLOBE Tong serpent ) and various indigenous villages .
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