The Bhikkhuni Order: Can it be Re-established?

The Most Venerable Madihe Pannasiha Mahanayaka Thero

At present there is a clamour for the re-stabilisation of the Bhikkhuni Order. As a preamble, some facts related to its establishment, later expansion and final extinction are given.

This is for the careful consideration of the Maha Sangha and the Buddhist laity, who have equal responsibilities as regard the preservation of the Buddha Sasana.

When during the time of the Buddha, Mahapajapati Gotami pleaded with Him to enter the Sasana, He put her off with these words: “Do not be interested O, Gothami about the entry of woman into my Order.” (Cullavagga). This request was turned down for the second and third time. Continue reading

The Buddhist Way to Economic Stability

Ven. M. Pannasha Maha Nayaka Thera

The word ‘Manussa,’ man, had different etymological meanings given it by eastern scholars in the past. While popular or general Indian tradition traces the origin of the word to ‘Manu’ the mythical progenitor of the human race, in the Buddhist texts the derivation of the word is given as ‘manassa-ussannataya=manussa’- man, because of his highly developed state of mind (as compared to the underdeveloped or rudimentary mental state of the lower animal). According to Buddhist thought man ranks as the highest of beings due to the vast potential of the human mind. Continue reading

The History of Mahamuni

(J.B.R.S Vol. 6, Part3. 1916)

The great outstanding feature in the history of Arakan is the account of Buddha’s sojourn in this country and of his supervision over the casting of his image. The story of his seven day’s visit with five hundred Rahandas— his lengthly discourse pregnant with prophesy delivered on the top of the hill opposite the town of Kyauktaw– His Journey into the city of Dynnyawaddi at the request of King Sanda Thurya— the casting of the image by men and gods, have been very clearly set fourth by the able researches of the late Dr. Forchammer and need hardly be mentioned again in the present sketch. The Mahamuni tradition is the oldest of the kind we have. It permeates the whole religious history of Arakan and the images that at present sanctify a thousand temples and pagodas in this country are the replicas of the first great and only faithful copy of the Master.
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