Latkwaytaung Pagoda

Latkwaytaung Pagoda AD 1742

latkwaytaung pagoda

King Na Ra Aba Ya Ra Zar ruled the throne of Mraukoo in 1742 AD. He built five pagodas on Datswan mountain which is 100 feet high and one mile away from the west of the palace.

It is called Latkwaytaung pagoda because the pagoda was built enshrining the ring finger relic of Buddha in it. The five pagodas can be seen like a thumb, an index finder, a middle finger, a ring finger and a little finger by looking at in distance. Those look like spreading the human’s hand. That is why the mountain is called Latkwaytaung mountain. The devotee U Than Tun Oo renovated the pagodas in the British regime because they fell into ruins. Mauktaw gate exists between Rathaytaung and Latkwaytaung.

Haritaung Pagoda

Haritaung Pagoda AD 1750

haritaung pagoda

The pagoda on Haritaung mountain was built by Na Ra Aba Ya Ra Za in the year of AD 1750. The pagoda is called Aritaw pagoda because it was built enshrining Aritaw relic of Buddha in it.

Some historians say that the word “Hari” was derived from “Chari” in Sanskrit. Nevertheless, such Hari mountain has existed before king Na Ra Aba Ya Ra Za. That mountain was called Galone mountain, Thiri mountain and Hari mountain respectively since the time of founding Mraukoo of king Min Saw Mon. It is found in the record that king Thi Ri Thu Dam Ma Ra Za was called king Min Ha Ri because he was born in the place near Hari mountain.