Htuparyoon Pagoda

htuparyoon pagoda

Htuparyoon pagoda stands on the flat land in the north of Laungpanprauk pagoda. The pagoda was built by king Min Ran Aung in AD 1454.

King Min Kha Maung and his queen Shin Htwe reconstructed the pagoda in AD 1613 and donated the golden robe for the whole pagoda. In Mraukoo period, the kings came to the pagoda to make reverence to the pagoda for the victory after their coronations. The pagoda is surrounded by two layers of the wall. Every four direction of the wall has the entrances.

The man-lion statues with the body of the lion and the head of the human being, were made at every corner of the innver wall. The pagoda was made of sandstones, and the base of the pagoda is octagonal in shape. The lotus leaves and buds were made at the terraces. Every four direction of the two terraces has the opening caves. There are stone Buddha images in such caves. The pagoda was built in the form of zigzag. In the reign of king Min Pha Laung, there were free dispensaries between the two walls. The citizens were given free medical treatment from that dispensaries. The pagoda was reconstructed by the department of archaeology.