11,000 people convert to Buddhism in Ahmedabad

Express News Service, Jan 25, 2010

Ahmedabad, India — Cose to 11,000 people, including those from the Koli and Kshatriya communities as well as Christian families, embraced Buddhism at a function in Saijpur Bogha here on Sunday.
Buddhist monks from Bhante Pragnyasheel administered the pledges to the new converts. The Ahmedabad district collector, however, said no conversion could be effective unless an official permission was granted. Continue reading

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Google postpones China mobiles after censorship row

Google says it has postponed the launch of two Android based mobile phones in China following a dispute with the government over censorship.

The formal launch was due to take place on Wednesday, a spokesperson said.

The announcement came as the Chinese government said Google and other foreign firms must obey the country’s laws and traditions. Continue reading

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Microsoft patches Internet Explorer hole

Microsoft has released a fix for a hole in Internet Explorer that was the weak link in a “sophisticated and targeted” cyber attack on Google.

Microsoft recommends that customers install the update as soon as possible or update to the latest version of the web browser for “improved security”. Continue reading

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Five-year battle over Oakland Buddhist temple comes to an end

by Angela Woodall, Oakland Tribune, Jan 12, 2010

OAKLAND, CA (USA) — Buddhists are perceived as being above church politics.

But a bitter five-year battle over an Oakland temple pitted two Cambodian Buddhist organizations against each other and gave rise to restraining orders, threats and allegations of stealing.

<< Members of the Oakland Cambodian Buddhist Temple were able to worship in the temple they had been banned from for the last 5 years after they took back their temple in Oakland, Calif. on Tuesday Jan 12, 2010. The Cambodian Buddhist community has been in a legal battle over the temple on E. 10th St. in Oakland for the past 5 years. A court order came down Tuesday giving the Oakland Cambodian Buddhist community the right to the temple that had been occupied by the International Community of Khmer Buddhist Monks Center. (Laura A. Oda/Staff) Continue reading

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Buddha’s Teaching Can Help Global Peace – UN Sec Gen

Narinjara News, May 8, 2009

United Nations, New York — UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in his message delivered to the world communities on Wednesday that the Buddha’s teaching could help the world become peaceful.
“All of us can learn from the Buddha’s spirit of compassion. His timeless teachings can help us to navigate the many global problems we face today,” said Ban Ki-moon in his message. Continue reading

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Freedom From Religion: Buddhism Wins Best Religion in the World Award

In light of the ongoing Freedom From Religion Foundation case, I found this news item interesting.
Linda Moulin | 15.07.2009 | 16:55

Tribune de Geneve

In advance of their annual Leading Figure award to a religious figure who has done the most to advance the cause of humanism and peace, the Geneva-based International Coalition for the Advancement of Religious and Spirituality (ICARUS) has chosen to bestow a special award this year on the Buddhist Community.  “We typically prefer an under-the-radar approach for the organization, as we try to embody the spirit of modesty found in the greatest traditions,” said ICARUS director Hans Groehlichen in a phone conference Monday. “But with organized religion increasingly used as a tool to separate and inflame rather than bring together, we felt we had to take the unusual step of creating a “Best Religion in the World” award and making a bit of a stir, to inspire other religious leaders to see what is possible when you practice compassion.”
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