Peesitaung Pagoda

peesitaung pagoda

Peesitaung pagoda is situated on the hill which is 100 feet high and one furlong away from the south of Koethaung pagoda. King Thu Ri Ya Sak Ka, the ruler of Dynyawaddy kingdom, enshrined the left peesi relic of Buddha in the pagoda. The future Gaw Ta Ma Buddha lived in the mountain as a king boar in a previous life of his when he was fulfilling his minor perfection. The name of the mountain is Thilagiripatpata.

King Kaw Li Ya secondly renovated the pagoda in Parain period in AD 1163. King Min Pha Laung of Mraukoo period thirdly repaired it. Such king rebuilt the pagoda in the form of substructure by making the cave tunnel below the stone Buddha image.

Four Buddha images back on the wall at the center, are facing four directions in the cave tunnel. Each Buddha image has an entrance porch. One can go around the passage from every porch. In the present, the cave is damaging.